2025 Infusion Centers of Excellence Summit

Optimizing Operations, Maximizing Revenue and Enhancing Patient Experience

January 30 – 31, 2025 * MGM Grand * Las Vegas, NV

2025 Infusion Centers of Excellence Summit








The Infusion Centers of Excellence Summit, hosted by Business Research Intelligence Network, is the premier event for healthcare executives, administrators and industry leaders to explore the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the infusion center landscape. This two-day conference will delve into the critical business aspects of running a successful infusion center, focusing on operational efficiency, revenue maximization and patient satisfaction.

Attendees will gain valuable insights from industry experts, engage in thought-provoking panel discussions, and network with peers facing similar challenges. The agenda covers a wide range of topics, including leveraging technology for streamlined operations, navigating reimbursement complexities, implementing innovative care delivery models and enhancing the patient experience.

Join us to learn best practices, discover cutting-edge solutions and develop strategies to position your infusion center for long-term success in an evolving healthcare environment.


Who Should Attend?

From Hospitals/Health Systems/Ambulatory Infusion Centers/Home Infusion Pharmacies/Home Health Providers

* Medical Director
* Clinical Pharmacist
* Operations
* Nursing Director
* Clinical Operations
* RN
* Patient Education
* Reimbursement Director
* Infusion Manager
* Infusion Clinical Manager
* Clinical Director
* Clinical Supervisor
* Patient Services
* Revenue Officer

Also of Interest to Vendors/Suppliers/Service Providers

Conference Agenda

Day One - Thursday, January 30, 2025

7:15am – 8:00am

Conference Registration & Networking Breakfast


8:00am – 8:15am

Chairperson's Opening Remarks


8:15am – 9:00am

The Future of Infusion Centers – Navigating the Changing Landscape

In this thought-provoking session, we will explore the evolving landscape of infusion centers, discussing emerging trends, challenges and opportunities that will shape the future of this critical healthcare sector. We will delve into the impact of technological advancements, such as remote monitoring and data analytics, on enhancing patient care and optimizing operational efficiency. Additionally, we will examine the potential shifts in reimbursement models and regulatory frameworks that may influence the strategic direction and sustainability of infusion centers in the years to come.


9:00am – 9:45am

Optimizing Infusion Center Operations: Balancing Efficiency and Patient Care

Discover strategies to streamline infusion center operations while maintaining a high standard of patient care. Learn how to optimize scheduling, minimize wait times and implement lean processes to improve overall efficiency. This session will provide insights into effective resource allocation, staff training, and technology integration to enhance workflow and reduce bottlenecks. Furthermore, we will explore best practices for creating a patient-centric environment that prioritizes comfort, privacy, and personalized care, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for patients undergoing infusion therapy.


9:45am – 10:15am

Networking & Refreshments Break


10:15am – 11:00am

Leveraging Technology for Streamlined Infusion Center Management

This session will showcase cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions that can revolutionize infusion center management. From electronic health records to remote monitoring systems, discover how technology can streamline processes and enhance patient care. We will explore the benefits of integrating advanced software platforms that enable real-time data analysis, predictive analytics, and automated scheduling, empowering infusion centers to make data-driven decisions and optimize resource utilization. Additionally, we will discuss the role of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring in expanding access to care, improving patient outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs in the infusion center setting.


11:00am – 11:45am

Navigating Reimbursement Complexities: Strategies for Maximizing Revenue

Gain insights into the complex world of reimbursement in the infusion center setting. Learn strategies for navigating payer relationships, optimizing coding and billing practices, and maximizing revenue while ensuring compliance. This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the current reimbursement landscape, including key challenges and opportunities for infusion centers. Attendees will discover best practices for contract negotiations, revenue cycle management, and implementing effective documentation and audit processes to minimize denials and optimize reimbursement outcomes.


11:45am – 12:30pm

Implementing Innovative Care Delivery Models in Infusion Centers

Explore innovative care delivery models that are transforming the infusion center landscape. Learn about home infusion, mobile infusion units and other alternative models that can expand access to care and improve patient satisfaction. This session will delve into the benefits and challenges of implementing these novel approaches, providing insights into the necessary infrastructure, staffing, and technology requirements. Moreover, we will discuss the potential impact of these innovative models on patient outcomes, treatment adherence, and healthcare costs, as well as strategies for successfully integrating them into existing infusion center operations.


12:30pm – 1:30pm



1:30pm – 2:15pm

Enhancing the Patient Experience: Creating a Comfortable and Engaging Environment

In this session, attendees will learn how to create a patient-centric infusion center environment that promotes comfort, reduces anxiety, and enhances overall satisfaction. Discover best practices for facility design, amenities, and patient engagement strategies. We will explore the role of interior design elements, such as lighting, color schemes, and furniture selection, in creating a calming and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of incorporating patient education materials, entertainment options, and personalized care approaches to foster a positive and engaging experience throughout the infusion process.


2:15pm – 3:15pm

Panel: Best Practices for Infusion Center Business Strategy – Insights from Industry Leaders

Join a panel of industry leaders as they share their experiences and insights on developing and implementing successful business strategies for infusion centers. Panelists will discuss topics such as market positioning, growth opportunities, and overcoming common challenges. This interactive session will provide attendees with valuable perspectives on navigating the competitive landscape, forging strategic partnerships, and adapting to evolving market dynamics. The panel will also explore innovative approaches to diversifying service offerings, expanding patient populations, and optimizing financial performance in the face of changing reimbursement models and regulatory requirements.


3:15pm – 3:45pm

Networking & Refreshments Break


3:45pm – 4:30pm

Effective Marketing Strategies for Infusion Centers: Attracting and Retaining Patients

This session will explore proven marketing strategies to help infusion centers attract new patients and retain existing ones. Learn how to develop targeted campaigns, leverage digital marketing channels, and build strong referral networks. We will discuss the importance of crafting a compelling brand message, optimizing online presence through search engine optimization and social media engagement, and implementing patient satisfaction initiatives to drive loyalty and referrals. Additionally, attendees will gain insights into measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts, allocating marketing budgets, and adapting strategies based on data-driven insights to maximize return on investment.


4:30pm – 5:15pm

Infusion Center Staffing Strategies: Recruiting, Training, and Retaining Top Talent

Discover best practices for recruiting, training, and retaining a highly skilled infusion center staff. Learn how to create a positive work environment, implement effective onboarding programs, and foster ongoing professional development. This session will provide insights into identifying the right skill sets, conducting effective interviews, and implementing competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract top talent. Moreover, we will explore strategies for promoting a culture of continuous learning, providing opportunities for career advancement, and implementing employee engagement initiatives to boost staff satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.



End of Day One


Day Two – Friday, January 31, 2025

7:15am – 8:00am

Networking Breakfast


8:00am – 8:15am

Chairperson's Remarks


8:15am – 9:00am

Infusion Center Performance Metrics: Measuring Success and Identifying Areas for Improvement

In this session, attendees will learn how to establish and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of their infusion center operations. Identify critical metrics, benchmark against industry standards, and use data-driven insights to drive continuous improvement. We will explore essential performance indicators such as patient throughput, wait times, treatment completion rates, and patient satisfaction scores. Additionally, this session will provide guidance on implementing robust data collection and analysis processes, setting realistic performance targets, and utilizing dashboards and reporting tools to visualize and communicate performance trends to stakeholders.


9:00am – 9:45am

Collaboration and Partnerships: Opportunities for Infusion Centers to Expand Their Reach

Explore the benefits of collaboration and partnerships for infusion centers. Learn how to establish relationships with referring physicians, partner with community organizations, and leverage strategic alliances to expand patient access and improve care coordination. This session will highlight the importance of building strong networks with primary care providers, specialists, and healthcare systems to streamline referral processes and ensure continuity of care. Furthermore, we will discuss opportunities for infusion centers to engage with patient advocacy groups, charitable foundations, and local businesses to raise awareness, secure funding, and enhance community outreach efforts.


9:45am – 10:15am

Networking & Refreshments Break


10:15am – 11:00am

Infusion Center Design and Layout: Optimizing Space for Efficiency and Comfort

This session will focus on the importance of infusion center design and layout in promoting efficiency and patient comfort. Discover best practices for space planning, workflow optimization, and creating a welcoming and functional environment. Attendees will learn about the latest trends in infusion center architecture, including the use of modular and flexible designs, the incorporation of natural light and outdoor spaces, and the integration of advanced technology and equipment. We will also explore strategies for maximizing space utilization, minimizing patient and staff movement, and creating dedicated areas for consultation, education, and relaxation to enhance the overall experience for both patients and healthcare providers.


11:00am – 11:45am

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Strategies for Infusion Centers

Stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory requirements and risk management strategies for infusion centers. Learn how to develop effective compliance programs, navigate evolving regulations, and mitigate potential risks to ensure the safety and well-being of patients and staff. This session will provide an overview of key regulatory agencies, such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Joint Commission, and their impact on infusion center operations. Attendees will discover best practices for implementing robust quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI) programs, conducting regular audits and assessments, and developing contingency plans for managing adverse events and emergencies.


11:45am – 12:30pm

The Role of Data Analytics in Driving Infusion Center Business Decisions

Discover the power of data analytics in driving informed business decisions for infusion centers. Learn how to leverage data to identify trends, optimize resource allocation, and make evidence-based decisions to improve financial performance and patient outcomes. This session will explore the various types of data available to infusion centers, including clinical, operational, and financial data, and how to integrate them into a comprehensive analytics strategy. Attendees will learn about advanced analytics tools and techniques, such as predictive modeling and machine learning, and how they can be applied to forecast demand, optimize scheduling, and identify opportunities for cost savings and revenue growth.



Conference Concludes

Workshop - Friday, January 31, 2025

MGM Grand
3799 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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