2024 Hospital Command Center Management Summit

Elevating Healthcare Efficiency: Mastering Command Centers for Optimal Patient Flow and Outcomes


October 24-25, 2024 * Caesars Palace * Las Vegas, NV

2024 Hospital Command Center Management Summit








Hospitals are continuously striving to optimize patient flow, enhance capacity management, and deliver high-quality care in an increasingly complex healthcare landscape. Hospital command centers have revolutionized how healthcare systems approach these challenges, leveraging cutting-edge technology, real-time data analytics, and collaborative workflows to drive efficiency and improve patient outcomes. As the healthcare industry evolves, it is crucial for hospital leaders to stay abreast of the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in command center operations. This conference brings together experts and pioneers in the field to share their insights, experiences and strategies for success. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on leveraging artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and virtual capabilities to streamline processes, break down silos, and deliver seamless patient care across the continuum. Join us to explore the future of hospital command centers and discover how to harness their potential to transform your healthcare organization.
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From Hospitals/Health Systems/Health Plans

Case Management
Discharge Planning
Patient Flow
Patient Care
Clinical Care
Medical Directors
Patient Financial Services
Care Management
Emergency Medicine
Social Worker
Utilization Management
Chief of Staff
Capacity Management
Transportation Manager
Logistics Director
Critical Care/Trauma
Patient Throughput
Bed Management
Patient Logistics
Patient Transport
Clinical Operations
Innovation Officer
Performance Improvement
IT Management
Health Information Management


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Conference Agenda

Day One - Thursday, October 24, 2024
7:15am – 8:00am

Conference Registration & Networking Breakfast


8:00am – 8:15am

Chairperson’s Opening Remarks


8:15am – 9:00am

Leveraging AI and Predictive Analytics in Command Center Operations

Explore how advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics are transforming command center operations. Learn how these tools can help anticipate patient flow, optimize resource allocation, and proactively address potential bottlenecks. Discover best practices for integrating these technologies into your command center workflows and measuring their impact on key performance indicators.


9:00am – 9:45am

Enhancing Patient Safety and Quality through Command Center Initiatives

Patient safety and quality of care are paramount in any healthcare setting. This session will delve into how command centers can play a pivotal role in improving patient safety outcomes, reducing adverse events, and ensuring consistent, high-quality care delivery. We’ll explore proven strategies for leveraging command center capabilities to drive quality improvement initiatives across the organization.


9:45am – 10:15am

Networking & Refreshments Break


10:15am – 11:00am

Optimizing Staffing and Resource Allocation through Command Center Insights

Efficient staffing and resource allocation are critical to the success of any healthcare organization. In this session, learn how command centers can provide real-time insights into staffing needs, skill mix optimization, and resource utilization. You will also discover innovative approaches to leveraging command center data to inform staffing decisions, improve workforce satisfaction, and ensure the right resources are available at the right time.


11:00am – 11:45am

Advancing Care Coordination and Transitions through Command Center Integration

Seamless care coordination and smooth transitions are essential for optimal patient outcomes and experience. This session will explore how command centers can facilitate cross-functional collaboration, streamline communication, and ensure continuity of care across the patient journey. Learn about integrating command center workflows with care coordination models, such as case management and transitional care, to drive better outcomes and reduce readmissions.


11:45am – 12:30pm

Harnessing the Power of Virtual Command Centers: Remote Monitoring and Telemedicine Integration

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual care models and remote monitoring technologies. Discover how virtual command centers can extend the reach of your organization, enabling remote monitoring, telemedicine integration, and virtual consultations. This session will explore best practices for implementing and scaling virtual command center capabilities to improve access to care, reduce costs, and enhance patient satisfaction.


12:30pm – 1:30pm



1:30pm – 2:15pm

Driving Operational Excellence through Command Center Performance Metrics and Analytics

Measuring the performance and impact of your command center is crucial for continuous improvement and demonstrating value to stakeholders. This session will delve into key performance indicators (KPIs), dashboards, and analytics frameworks for assessing command center effectiveness. Learn how to leverage data-driven insights to identify areas for improvement, optimize processes, and drive operational excellence across your organization.


2:15pm – 3:15pm

Panel: Overcoming Challenges and Barriers to Command Center Implementation and Adoption

Implementing a command center is a complex undertaking that requires careful planning, stakeholder engagement, and change management. This panel discussion will bring together experienced command center leaders to share their insights on overcoming common challenges and barriers to implementation and adoption. Topics will include securing executive buy-in, addressing resistance to change, integrating disparate systems and data sources, and fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement.


3:15pm – 3:45pm

Networking & Refreshments Break


3:45pm – 4:30pm

Leveraging Command Centers for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

In times of crisis, such as natural disasters or public health emergencies, command centers play a critical role in coordinating response efforts and ensuring the continuity of care. This session will explore how command centers can enhance emergency preparedness, facilitate rapid decision-making, and support effective disaster response. Learn about best practices for integrating command center operations with emergency management protocols and leveraging technology to enable real-time situational awareness and resource deployment.


4:30pm – 5:15pm

The Future of Command Centers: Emerging Trends and Innovations

As healthcare continues to evolve, so too will the role and capabilities of command centers. This forward-looking session will explore emerging trends and innovations that are shaping the future of command center operations. Topics will include the integration of advanced analytics, the adoption of 5G networks and edge computing, the potential of blockchain technology, and the increasing importance of cybersecurity. Gain insights into how these developments will impact command center design, functionality and outcomes in the years to come.



End of Day One

Day Two – Friday, October 25, 2024
7:15am – 8:00am

Networking Breakfast


8:00am – 8:15am

Chairperson’s Remarks


8:15am – 9:00am

Fostering a Culture of Collaboration and Continuous Improvement in Command Center Operations

A high-performing command center requires more than just technology and processes; it also demands a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. This session will explore strategies for building and sustaining a culture that supports command center success. Learn about effective leadership approaches, staff engagement techniques, and mechanisms for encouraging ongoing learning and adaptation.


9:00am – 9:45am

Designing and Implementing Command Center Workflows for Optimal Efficiency

Well-designed workflows are the foundation of an efficient and effective command center. This session will provide a deep dive into best practices for designing, implementing, and optimizing command center workflows. Learn how to map existing processes, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and leverage technology to streamline and automate key tasks. Discover strategies for ensuring workflow adoption and compliance across the organization.


9:45am – 10:15am

Networking & Refreshments Break


10:15am – 11:00am

Integrating Command Centers with Post-Acute Care and Population Health Initiatives 

As healthcare organizations increasingly focus on managing the health of populations and ensuring smooth transitions across the care continuum, command centers have a vital role to play. This session will explore how command centers can be integrated with post-acute care coordination, population health management, and value-based care initiatives. Learn about strategies for leveraging command center capabilities to improve outcomes, reduce readmissions, and optimize resource utilization across the care continuum.


11:00am – 11:45am

Measuring the Financial Impact and ROI of Command Center Investments

Justifying the investment in a command center requires a clear understanding of its financial impact and return on investment (ROI). This session will provide a framework for measuring and communicating the financial benefits of command center operations. Learn about key financial metrics, cost-benefit analysis techniques, and strategies for demonstrating the value of command center investments to executive leadership and other stakeholders.



Conference Concludes

Workshop - Friday, October 25, 2024
12:00pm – 2:00pm

Workshop: Developing a Roadmap for Command Center Maturity – From Implementation to Optimization

In this interactive workshop, attendees will work together to develop a roadmap for advancing command center maturity within their organizations. Participants will assess their current command center capabilities, identify gaps and opportunities for improvement, and map out a phased approach to implementation and optimization. The workshop will cover key considerations such as technology selection, data integration, staffing models, governance structures, and performance metrics. Attendees will leave with a customized action plan for driving command center success in their unique organizational context.


Caesars Palace Las Vegas
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89158

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  • Yes – Register a group of 3 or more at the same time and receive an additional 10% off the registration fee

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  • Cancellations received 4 weeks prior to the event will receive a refund minus the administration fee of $225. Cancellation received less than 4 weeks prior to the event will receive a credit to a future event valid for one year.

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  • Business casual. Meeting rooms can sometimes be cold so we recommend a sweater or light jacket
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